Friday, July 10, 2009

How To Order

Please copy this form and fill up all of the details needed and email to

Below are the details:-
Name :
Email :
Address :
Contact no : (ur contact number where we can reach u)
Pick up date :
Pick time :
Qty : (example: small 25pcs)
Flavour : (buttercake/moist choc cake)
Theme : (besday)
Wordings : (example: hepy bday syura)

* NOTE *
* Please place oder 1 week in advance
* For large orders must be placed 2 weeks in advance
*Make payment Maybank account number will given after you have confirm your order. Please inform us once you have made the payment
* Orders will only be processed once full payment is received.

Name : Asyura Binti Ali
Phone : 017-4823985

*Sms/email me details of oder once payment is done.


::.Contact Me.::

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